A report on how professionals in Europe and UAE understand

the imminent age of AI in the workplace.


Beyond data and AI: insights for L&D and HR

What does the future of work look like for those most likely to be impacted by automation? What does the rise of cognitive technology such as Artificial Intelligence mean for business leaders and their teams? Are people in the corporate world apprehensive about the security of their jobs?

Headspring has partnered with YouGov to conduct a substantial survey with one key ambition: overcome misconceptions about AI and provide HR and L&D leader with applicable insights into how people working in their organisations understand the impact that AI is going to have on their jobs and their careers.

We surveyed a total of 4,515 people in seven countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and United Arab Emirates.

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Key Findings

Humans trust humans more

More than half of office workers would trust a decision made by a human more than a decision made by AI. Trust in human decision-making is highest among C-level executives.

AI knowledge is mixed

50% of professionals know a fair amount to a lot about AI. 48% say they have moderate to poor understanding.  Only 2% have never heard of AI before.

Are employees more prepared than employers?

Overall, professionals feel unprepared for the arrival of AI. Only 43% already use AI or feel prepared to use it within the next 12 months. Confidence in their company's AI-readiness is far lower. 

AI and Diversity

More professional disagree with the suggestion that AI will help create a more diverse workforce. 40% believe it will contribute to greater diversity, but one in 

six don’t know.

Key lessons for business leaders

The report provides insightful (and, in some cases, surprising) findings on people’s awareness about AI and on the difference of perceptions between leadership and mid-level professionals.

Leaders wishing to take the necessary and inevitable steps towards adoption of AI in their organisations would do well to listen to professionals’ views and recommendations.  Leaders need to meet one of the key themes emerging from this report: employees feel a need for enhanced internal communication to manage potential negative perceptions. 

In addition to internal communication, the need for upgraded investment in people and training is a major outcome from this study. The implementation of processes to manage ethics around AI also emerged as a priority.

Artificial Intelligence represents an exciting opportunity for businesses across all regions and industries. However, success in implementation will depend on the management of employee expectations and confidence in the value of transition.

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