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Leadership in Turbulent Times

Creating Psychological Safety & Boosting Confidence

In the turbulent times we’re facing, we more than ever need good leaders. Join our virtual session and learn how you can boost your and your team's psychological safety and nurture authentic confidence.

A Toolkit for Leading in Times of Crisis

The demands on today’s corporate leaders are becoming ever more complex. From dealing with globalised viruses, such as Covid19, to the impact of AI, climate change and political risk, leaders need to be confident and realistic about the challenges they face and the attributes they need. What are these qualities, how do they support good decision making, and can they be learned?

Join us for a panel discussion with Nick Van Dam, Chief Learning Officer at IE University, Jacqueline Brassey, Director of Learning at Mckinsey & Co. to debate such fundamental issues as:

How to feel safe in times of constant change?
And how to help your teams to continue performing despite fast-changing circunstances

How important is self-knowledge when learning to lead?
Can anyone develop the confidence and skills to lead?



Learn from industry leaders

Dr. Nick van Dam

Chief Learning Officer, IE University.
Professor and Director of the IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation

Dr. Jacqui Brassey

Director of Learning, Global Learning Leadership Team member at McKinsey & Company. 

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