Silk Road Executive DBA

Cross-cultural talents that service overseas development for enterprises

The doctoral training designed for senior managers and managers, allowing candidates to choose research subjects based on the problems of their organizations.

Silk Road + Headspring + NEOMA


A comprehensive educational platform, under the auspices of Silk Road Business School, that aims at innovative education. Committed to develop cross-cultural talents that service overseas development for enterprises.

Our constructive mission of prioritising education; converging talents; serving enterprises, connecting public demands, promoting cross-regional, cross-cultural, and cross-industrial communication between Chinese and other businesses along the Silk Road. We will thus spread education across commercial civilisation and feed educational development with business input.

Silk Road + Headspring + NEOMA


The Silk Road Business School Executive DBA is a very attractive diploma for executives in China doing business globally or managers of international companies doing business with China. Over a 3 year period, the program will allow you to :

Understand the new dynamics in trade globalization, including the growing role of China as a global business partner

Understand China’s current and potential business interactions and cooperations with other nations. Developing a dual perspective through the lenses of professors from both Chinese and international business schools will allow you to have a balanced view of the business world

Develop a conceptual and hands-on approach to business challenges. Being already in management positions, it is important that the participants be able to swiftly apply key learnings in their business life

Lead Faculty

One belt, one road

An innovative team of international experts, professors & professionals will support the group of participants. Example of the faculty members who can deliver the programme and help you understand the wider context:

Fouad Ben Abdelaziz

Alvaro Gonzalez Alorda

Yuan Zhao

Pierre Jacquet

Tian Wu

Supply chain
Decision Systems

Organizational transformation

International Relations


Belt and road


Charles Waldman

Sun Xuanzhong

Ricardo Perez

Stephane Dubreuille

Customer centricity in a digital world

Chinese commercial

Information systems

Corporate Finance

The Executive DBA program

Enlightenment, innovation and integration

In the 1st part, a 18 month long period comprised mostly of face-to-face lectures, content is being delivered and shared with the participants. The content will be provided by a variety of international business schools both in Europe and in China, thus bringing a truly global perspective to the program thanks to the variety of faculty members involved, both academics and practitioners.

In the 2nd part of the program, participants write their thesis. The thesis is business related and draws upon all inputs acquired in the 1st part of the program.

*Price - 35.000€

Content #1

Research Methodology courses

The curriculum of this EDBA programme is designed so that participants gain as much added value as possible. Most of the value of an EDBA for the participants depends on their ability to run impactful, business relevant research rather than excessively theoretical academic research.

Key topics covered include:

  • What questions are the most appropriate in an applied research programme ?
  • Data gathering : databases, sampling, organization and analysis of data
  • Data analysis : exploration, analysis methods and hypothese

These courses will allow you to learn how to use data to draw added value conclusions to your business.

*Price - 35.000€

Content #2

Global Environment Knowledge and Analysis

The main purpose of these courses is to give participants a global perspective on the business world. The content and views presented will be complemented by the input of the Chinese universities involved in the project. The objective of this module is to allow participants to step back and develop a better understanding of the global challenges.

  • Ethics, social & societal responsibility of corporations and organizations
  • Leadership in a VUCA world and impact on corporations and organizations
  • Geo-economics: the roles of China of the global economy dynamics
  • The Belt and Road Initiative

*Price - 35.000€

Content #3

Business Context and Experience 

The key objective of this module is to provide participants with the most effective tools to understand, analyze and manage business. Current changes in the business environment are happening in an unpreceded rate. As a consequence, leaders and managers need to react very quickly and drastically to these changes. These adjustments are particularly important in the following fields:

  • Entrepreneurship : Entrepreneurial mindset and ability to innovate and market new products and services
  • Customer orientation in a digital world : How to manage a global and omni-channel relationship with individual and corporate customers in the One Road One Belt business context ?
  • Innovation, design thinking and the ability to create new business models.
  • Managerial finance : Which analytical perspective is required to better understand and leverage the financial ratios of corporations and organizations 
  • Chinese commercial law

*Price - 35.000€

A Unique Academic Alliance

Silk Road Business School 

SRBS is the leading player in education and training around the New Silk Roads initiative on the world stage. SRBS has a wide range of initial and in-service training programmes in the main sectors of international business activity, partnerships with the world's leading educational institutions and a faculty composed of professors and professionals renowned for the quality and influence of their research and achievements, SRBS deploys rigour and academic excellence and cultivates a spirit of openness in the service of innovation and the competitiveness of economic players.


NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School has built its strategic plan around a clear ambition: to develop and challenge the established practices in the sector.

By adopting a more flexible approach to Executive Education, characterised by the ‘test and learn’ method and driven by the desire to push back boundaries, NEOMA Business School has opted to move out of its comfort zone. The School not only seeks to follow innovations, but also to create them.

Headspring, a joint venture of the Financial Times and IE Business School, empowers organisations to embrace change and inspire a culture of continuous learning.

It achieves transformational results by working in partnership with organisations globally to co-create bespoke, future-focused learning designs that empower people, develop leaders and enhance the strengths of businesses.


For more information about the EDBA please contact:

Nathalie ROYER

Programme Manager, Headspring

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