Invest in People and Planet

How to lead a sustainability culture⁠

How investing in ESG can shape sustainable and resilient companies

The competitive global business environment will change as regulations and international standards for sustainability are shaping the transition towards a net-zero economy and nature-positive environment for all stakeholders. Companies are now facing the need to navigate ESG policies in the context of broader macroeconomic challenges such as inflation and political turmoils. Organisations and leaders globally have expressed their commitments to comply with Economic-Social-Governence (ESG) standards.

How are they investing and acting? Is sustainability losing relevance for businesses in light of the latest macroeconomic challenges and polycrisis pressures? How will leaders prioritise sustainability practices for their businesses and corporate cultures?

In this webinar Silvia Pavoni, Founding Editor, Sustainable Views at Financial Times, Katharina Engels, Director for Sustainability, Baker Tilly and Dr. Gerrit Jan van den Brink, Founder, Risk Sigma GmbH

 will discuss how by keeping sustainability at the top of the agenda, it will give leaders and businesses competitive advantage and help them to lead with purpose.

Speaker and Moderator

Katharina Engels 

Director for Sustainability
 Baker Tilly

Silvia Pavoni

Founding Editor, Sustainable Views  Financial Times

Dr. Gerrit Jan van den Brink

Risk Sigma GmbH

This event is hosted in collaboration with Headspring, a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School.

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